2020Nets Services

  • Consulting and Design
  • Internet of Things
  • Go-To-Market
  • Training

Services That We Offer

Project Consulting and Design:  Don't have the resources available for vetting of a communication´┐Żs infrastructure?  2020Nets will consult with you on your communications projects and evaluate timelines.  2020Nets consultants will work with your company as independent project consultants, ensuring that the communications infrastructure is available and ready to support your project.  2020Nets will cross-match the network capabilities with your goals. 

Internet of Things (IoT):  The IoT is a networking development where everything will have network connectivity and be able to share data, from your fashion to your home.  Here is an explanation of the IoT by Forbes Magazine.  Is your company ready to embrace the Internet of Things? Do you need a better understanding of the possibilities and potential pitfalls? Let 2020Nets help you understand how this new connectivity revolution will affect your business.

Go-To-Market Strategies:  2020Nets consultants can help your OEM or Service Provider organization with Go-To-Market product strategies. We can help you with questions such as where are communications trending now and in the future; or how your product can interface with existing infrastructures. 

Training:  2020Nets consultants have developed and delivered Networking and Information Technology Training for over 21 years for thousands of engineers Internationally and North America, for OEM, Service Providers, and Enterprises.  Need raw technical documents turned into training for Level 1-3 Technical Call Support and also turned into Go-To-Market Technical Training? Does your organization need technicians and engineers mentored on your specific network? Is there a need for Sales and Sales Engineering trained on products and product positioning?